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USG Logiq 3 Pro | USG Logiq 400 | USG Logiq 5 Pro | USG Logiq 5

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USG Logiq 3 Pro


The Logiq 3 is designed for office-based practices and comes in a small package but can do everything from basic cardiac to OB/GYN. Like others in the Logiq series, it is ergonomically designed to help avoid repetitive stress injuries common with older ultrasounds and poorly designed user interfaces and transducers. It’s fully digital and is a very good, inexpensive choice for those needing Color Doppler and mobility. The Logiq 3 is small enough to fit comfortably in most private offices and doesn’t generate as much heat as the larger systems that provide similar image quality. We’ve had very good success with this system for its stability and solid image quality.

USG Logiq 400

The used GE Logiq 400 ultrasound system is reliable performer offering harmonic imaging, adaptive color enhancement and auto tissue optimization with excellent image quality. Call Providian Medical today to receive a free price quote on the refurbished GE Logiq 400 ultrasound equipment.

USG Logiq 5 Pro

From GE Healthcare, a worldwide leader in ultrasound machines, comes the GE Logiq 5 ultrasound system. With unmatched imaging quality and advanced features for both the operator and the patient, the GE Logiq 5 ultrasound machine is fast, powerful and versatile. Providian Medical can offer you the best prices on used and refurbished GE Logiq 5 ultrasound machines.

USG Logiq 5

Get maximum performance and accurate results with the GE Logiq 5 ultrasound system. Based on the well-established TruScan architecture, this innovative machine delivers consistently excellent image quality, promotes ease of use and enables access to advanced future applications with available enhancements.

This unit offers apply live scan techniques to stored images for viewing or manipulation long after patient departure. The Logiq 5 is equipped with a variety of GE exclusive solutions like the ComfortScan, the SmartScan and TruAccess, setting a new standard in ergonomics and flexibility. Gain diagnostic confidence and excellent image quality with the GE Logiq 5.

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