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USG Logiq C3

Ditambahkan pada : March 21st, 2016
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USG Logiq C3

With its streamlined design, ergonomics, and user-friendly operation, the LOGIQ* C3 Premium ultrasound system from GE Healthcare is well suited for clinics and hospitals covering general imaging, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications. The system’s size and weight make it easy to transport to the care area where it’s needed.

USG Logiq P3

The refurbished GE Logiq P3 color Doppler ultrasound is a small, lightweight ultrasound designed for offices needing an inexpensive ultrasound for general imaging and/or OB/GYN.

The used Logiq P3 is lower in price than other GE ultrasounds and is typically used in low-volume or smaller offices/hospitals. Although it’s lower in cost, it still offers high-end imaging technologies such as CrossXBeam, Tissue Harmonics, and Speckle Reduction Imaging.

USG Logiq P6 Pro

The GE Logiq P6 is a lightweight, samll footprint portable ultrasound with very good imaging qualities. It is an ideal system in moving from room-to-room and takes up very little space in an office. Contact Providian Medical today for a free, no obligation price quote on a refurbished GE Logiq P6 ultrasound system.

Providian Medical Expert Ultrasound Review

The P6 represents and affordable 4D ultrasound system for small offices and clinics. It has very good imaging capabilities with Tissue Harmonics, SRI Speckle Reduction Imaging, and CrossXBeam compound imaging. These are a great upgrade/alternative to the laptop-sized ultrasound machines.

USG Logiq book xp

The Ge Logiq Book XP is a high performance and multipurpose portable imaging system designed for a variety of clinical applications. The Logiq Book XP is hand carried and it can be used anywhere at anytime. The system has all the technologies of conventional ultrasound systems in a convenient, portable and compact package.

USG Logiq P6

The GE LOGIQ P6 is a premium performance, highly mobile and easy to use multipurpose imaging system designed for obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, musculoskeletal, vascular, urological, small parts, superficial, pediatric, neonatal, transcranial, MSK, pain management and abdominal applications

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